Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do not Want No Longer Missing Aircraft, Aircraft Tracking IATA Flats Recommendation

Following the loss of Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft , the airline industry association plans to create a task force to develop recommendations for flight tracking . The target , recommendation came out this year .

" We can not let the other aircraft as well as lost -owned Malaysia Airlines MH 370 , " the group said in a statement on Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) . Never finding missing aircraft on March 8, 2014 has led to the need for improved tracking and aircraft safety procedures , according to a statement from the international air transport association ( IATA ) .
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The organization is holding a meeting in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . " In a world where we seem to be tracked every movement , can not be trusted an airplane could be lost , " said Tony Tyler , director general of the association of around 240 airlines that cover 84 percent of passenger and cargo services in the world .

But the pilots association ( AALP ) , pilot union world , warned that the live - streaming information from the flight data recorder , the alternative of a black box , it is feared could lead to the release or leakage of information that could lead to the pilot to look bad before all the facts are known accident .

" The data ( flight data recorder ) is there for the safety analysis , " said Sean Cassidy , an officer ALPA and Alaska Airlines pilots . " Unfortunately , if you have a big wave of this data , if not guarded and protected , there will be a hasty judgment , especially to pilots in the event of an accident , " he added .

According to ALPA , if the goal is to improve the tracking of aircraft , then the answer is a satellite -based navigation system improvement . This system known as NextGen .

Of Washington , United States , members of Congress are considering the introduction of a bill that requires the presence of two black boxes in new commercial passenger aircraft that serve long-haul flights across oceans or remote locations .

The second device , known as a deployable flight recorders , will be knocked out before the plane crash to facilitate the search , designed to float and transmit signals to search .

On March 12, 2014 hearing , Congressman David Prince said the MH370 incident once again showed the need for the second black box . Although the tool is expensive , he said , but it saves time and money to provide the data in the event of an accident . (see also: waptrick video)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said his ministry is conducting analysis of the costs and benefits of these tools but have not made any commitments . Tyler of IATA , also urged improved passenger screening procedures before entering the plane .


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