Friday, April 11, 2014

Boy, 3 KPPS Member Member Turns Babylon Gerindra

Three members Kolompok Organizers Voting ( KPPS ) in the village of Stone Belubang , Central Bangka Regency , Bangka Belitung ( Babel ) , known not qualify pileg organizers . Because they registered as members of political parties .

" The three of us thoroughly after not qualify as a member KPPS . We 've issued a recommendation that the person concerned lodged an administrative violation , " said Supervisory Committee member of Central Bangka , Dahri at Koba , Thursday ( 10/4 ) .

After the case though , he said , was Andi Abdurrahman , Tamrin and new Ramawati complete one year resigned from Gerindra.

" Based on Law No. 15/2011 on the election organizers to Article 53 letter e that, in terms so KPPS not be members of political parties at least five years , " he said .

He explained that the new year in question resigned from Gerindra as evidenced by the letter of resignation . But not yet meet the criteria for becoming a member KPPS .

" So the results of the plenary meeting attended by the police , the Commission and Kejari , we issue recommendations administrative violations and the recommendation letters that we have to say to the Commission of Central Bangka , " he said .

He regretted not KPPS selective recruitment . Passed so that members do not have the capacity and even breaking the law .
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" The findings we have to say to the Commission and had been dismissed and then replaced with new ones . However at least be noted that any future election organizers should be guaranteed neutrality , " he said .

He said the decree ( SK ) KPPS be published 10 days before the election and the corresponding rules.

" We certainly do not have the authority to check SK KPPS , but if there are members who have pocketed SK KPPS until election day , certainly is not according to the rules , " he said .


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