Friday, April 11, 2014

Google Threatened Glass Sold Out!

A survey in the U.S. conducted by market research company called Toluna , showed that 72 % of smart device users aged 18-40 years will not buy Google Glass ! One of their reasons : privacy issues .

Reporting from phonearena , while concerns about the privacy and security of personal data is the main reason why the market may be reluctant to buy Google Glass . Various specifications connected with the account and the user's personal data , which is very sensitive .

Two of the five prospective consumers concerned about their personal information ended up in the hands of people who are not responsible , who managed to " infiltrate " into their data . While other potential consumers worry and feel uncomfortable while on the other side of the Google Glass , where each movement of other people can be secretly recorded and posted online , and then shared to social networking . For them , the act was unethical .
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Another concern related to safety . Potential users of the Google Glass feared to break the concentration of vehicle users , and can reduce the concentration of the driver . The rest of the respondents said that they were afraid of being robbed if they use Google Glass , because different phones that can be tucked in a pocket , Google Glass is a device clothing .

If this survey reflects the truth of prospective consumer interest in Google's glass in the U.S. , this clearly is a " slap " for Google to overcome it . Glass and feared that Google will be Google's flagship threatened to fail and not sold in the market . However Toluna said that through this survey it does not intend to corner the Google Glass as a bad product . However, the market has a critical attitude and prudence in selecting all of the devices connected device clothing to their tablets and smartphones .


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