Thursday, April 17, 2014

Official Smartfren Partnering with Dolby Laboratories

Event coincided with the launch of four new Andromax yesterday ( 16 / 04 ) , also announced cooperation Dolby Laboratories and Smartfren Telecom , Tbk .

As we all know some series smartphones Smartfren , among Andromax G , Andomax U2 , and Z Andromax present Dolgy Digital Plus brings features . As a result , the announcement referred to simply as a marker of cooperation between Dolby and Smartfren .

In addition , it is also at the same Dolby 's commitment to meet the increasing demand means HD quality entertainment on a portable device .
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Dolby Digital Plus uses technology that is capable of providing a portable device like a smartphone 's ability to produce amazing sound output . For information , Dolby Digital Plus has been applied to more than one million devices around the world , such as TVs , Blu - ray Disc players , audio / video receivers , and mobile devices .

" Consumers are always looking for the best entertainment experience , wherever they go , and the sound is an important part of that , by working together with Dolby , Smartfren consumers can now enjoy the experience like the movies , through their mobile devices , " said Richard Tan , Deputy CEO , Telecom Products and Strategy Smartfren .

Speaking of Dolby Digital Plus will not be separated from the quality of the sound produced . The sound quality , as officials said Dolby Laboratories , Leong - Yan Yoong , is one of the main things to menghasilkkan awesome multimedia experience .

" The sound quality is one of the main things to produce an awesome multimedia experience . The quality is also good multimedia become an essential component to meet the needs of today's consumers , "said Leong - Yan Yoong , as the Regional Director , South East Asia , Dolby Laboratories .

" We are very excited to work together with Smartfren to bring clarity and amazing sound quality of mobile consumers with the latest technology that we have , namely , Dolby Digital Plus . With many variants of mobile devices Smartfren allows both companies to assert its commitment to present high -quality multimedia experience for its customers , "said Leong - Yan Yoong .


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