Sunday, April 27, 2014

BlackBerry Jakarta , Can What ?

BlackBerry ready to sell Z3 aka ' Jakarta ' to the penggilanya . So , what capabilities can be found in the BlackBerry Jakarta ?

In its official statement , the BlackBerry revealed that this new handset is aimed at the next generation of BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia , which is equipped with applications and local content .

The device is equipped with 5 -inch touch screen , long lasting battery which is claimed and the BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 .
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As for its features roughly the same as 10 other BlackBerry handsets , namely :

- . BlackBerry Hub
BlackBerry Hub that had been present before allowing you to access all the work and personal email , BBMTM , SMS , social networking updates and notifications in the same container , with the ability to ' peek ' ( peek ) to BlackBerry Hub from anywhere , so that only the shift ( swipe ) you are directly connected with the things you need .

Hub feature can identify priority messages and filter the list of messages with various filter criteria that you activation via pinch gesture ( pinch ) on the screen in the message list - hub .

- . BBM
BBM on BlackBerry Z3 comes with all the latest features of these popular mobile social networks , customized Indonesian society . You got the conversation ( chat ) via voice (voice ) or video with Screen Share and BlackBerry Natural Sound feature allows you to hear the nuances and variations of tone in conversation ( chat ) via BBM Voice , which is claimed to make the conversation sound as if it were in the room same .


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