Monday, April 28, 2014

Attacking Tomcat Settlements Valley Residents

Department of Agriculture Lebak regency , Banten , said Tomcat insect attack residential areas to the residents in the area since the environment is not clean .

" We believe that Tomcat populations derived from rice straw to attack the settlements , " said Head of Agriculture Lebak Lebak Dede Surpriatna on Monday .
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He said the attack was not lethal insect animals , but can cause itching of the skin .

Currently , Tomcat attack the population in a number of the District Cibadak , Lebak , due to the condition of neighborhoods less clean .

Moreover , in the neighborhoods there are straw - rice straw after harvest was stacked in paddy fields.

That way , he said , the population Tomcat attacked a number of settlements in the District Cibadak , Lebak District .

It also develops Tomcat due to predators , such as lizards and geckos on the wane , as well as hunted captured by residents .

Therefore, it controls the Tomcat attack so as not to spread to other settlements .

" We are controlling insects by spraying pesticides Tomcat that the insect population decreased, " he said .

According to him , the Tomcat attack allegedly entered into settlement environment is not clean .

In addition, the settlements located very close to the rice fields .

" We ask residents to control Tomcat attacks using botanical pesticide , namely a mixture of intaran leaves , galangal and lemongrass crushed and then given water and fermented 24 to 48 hours , " he said .

Dede said , actually serves as a predatory insect Tomcat green planthopper , brown planthopper rods , tungro , and eat the eggs .

During this time , he said , Tomcat is a predator control crop pests .

" We hope people do not panic face Tomcat insect attack , " he said .

Meanwhile , a number of District residents Cibadak , Lebak District , claimed that the attack would cause interference Tomcat uncomfortable because many people are injured and itching of insect venom was exposed to water .

" We continue to do the spraying of pesticides that Tomcat population disappeared , " said Munir , a conch Market Villagers , Cibadak subdistrict , Lebak District .


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