Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coalition with PPP Unclear, pencapresan Prabowo Threatened

Political analyst from the University of Gadjah Mada Dwipayana Ari said , Gerindra in a critical position as yet to ensure a coalition with any party to face the upcoming presidential election . Internal political drama in PPP made ​​Gerindra is in a difficult position .

" I think the political drama going on in the PPP , Gerindra made ​​maneuvers to a coalition is not effective . Due precisely the turning point that made up Gerindra maneuver performed by PDI-P and Golkar , " said Arie Kompas.com when contacted on Wednesday ( 23 / 4/2014 .

Arie suggest Gerindra party moved quickly to approach the middle of the board in order to meet the threshold pengusungan -vice presidential candidate , which is 20 percent of the House seats , or 25 percent of valid votes nationwide . Acquisition Gerindra in legislative elections yesterday by Reuters expected a quick count about 11 percent of the national vote .

However , Ari saw the move was not easy because the party's central board also has ambitions to build a new shaft with fellow Islamic party .

" When Gerindra remain determined to carry Prabowo , then Gerindra party should approach the middle of the board . Suppose , yes , by relying on the power sharing tactics , " he said .

When Gerindra failed in an attempt to build its own axis , said Arie Prabowo pencapresan Subiato then automatically fail . This forces Gerindra to willingly carry only the former commander of Kopassus as a running mate .

Earlier, Chairman of the Shariah Council urged the PPP Maimoen Zubeir all elements of PPP functionaries and elites to comply with the results of the decisions taken in the National Labour Council ( Mukernas ) II PPP on 7-9 February 2014 . Mukernas II will discuss the mechanism of coalition forged by PPP in the 2014 election .

Mukernas held in London decided that the PPP political will to establish communication with the existing eight presidential candidate . Of the eight names , no names Prabowo , presidential candidate of the Gerindra.
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PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali also confirmed that his party has not taken a decision to build a coalition with Gerindra .


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