Thursday, March 13, 2014

Social supports for killing wintering geese Overijssel

Zwolle - For Friday opinion expressed by the wildlife management unit ( FBE ) in Overijssel deputy Hester Maij about goose management, including the killing of geese in the winter , each lacking social support . Preservation of Nature , BirdLife Netherlands and support the Forestry Commission and ask advice not to stick to the agreements in the Geese Agreement, which pull geese in winter and summer grants peace geese should be reduced. The deputy This summer geese cause damage to agriculture and especially vulnerable nature . (see also: obat burung)

Late last year killed the geese Agreement between natural and agricultural organizations when it appeared that farmers' organization LTO winter rest of geese did not support one of the two essential pillars of the agreement . Spoke on the basis of that agreement, the nature organizations , LTO and the provinces down to let the geese. Winter alone The FBE Overijssel now breaks with this intention and therefore can not count on public support .

" We believe that the agreements in the Geese Agreement should be , with give and take from all parties . An agreement in which a balance between the interests of the birds and the interests of the landowners who suffer harm . We are not fully implemented agreement with a vision that is based only on damage control and their effectiveness , without the natural interest is adequately taken into account , "said Bart de Haan , ecologist in Zwolle at Natuurmonumenten .

In each province, hunters , farmers , private landowners and conservationists together form an FBE , the county advises on wildlife issues such as slope . FBE opinions were unanimous in the rule. In this case . In the present case, the nature organizations are deeply concerned about the fate of the many geese that fly thousands of miles and arrive starving to overwinter in The Netherlands. The Netherlands has also an international obligation . (see also: vitamin burung)

The nature organizations assume that the provinces have the wintering geese in tensile Netherlands alone , as agreed in the original agreement .


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