Friday, April 18, 2014

Russia Urges Government Insurgents Pro Kiev Backward

Kiev 's interim government must resign before the pro - Russian rebel group in eastern Ukraine to implement the international agreements to leave the government offices they control . So says a separatist leader on Friday .

" We agree the buildings must be emptied , but the first ( the Prime Minister , Arseniy ) Yatsenyuk and ( acting president , Oleksandr ) Turchynov must leave the offices they occupied illegally since their coup , " said Denis Pushilin , a prominent member Donetsk republic which they declare themselves , told reporters .

Rebels pro - Kremlin remain in government buildings throughout the east day after Kiev Ukraine , Moscow , Brussels and Washington signed an agreement in Geneva aimed at resolving the crisis .

This agreement called for the entire unauthorized armed groups that they disarm and leave the government buildings were occupied .

Pushilin said the protesters pro - Moscow will continue to implement plans for a regional referendum on sovereignty for the eastern part of the country on May 11.

" We estimate there will be improvement in the conflict , " he said .
The authorities in Kiev also expressed their doubts about the deal .
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Yatsenyuk told parliament that he did not have high hopes for the agreement are adhered to.


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