Monday, May 19, 2014

Hundreds of Blockade Road to Cikeas

Hundreds of residents of the two villages, the Village and Village Tlajug Udik Cicadas , as well as the labor and transportation drivers , blocked the highway linking the region to the Cicadas Cikeas , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

The road blockade due to the slow pace of road repairs carried out by the government . In fact , the protesters had seized a container that would cross the road .

Aditya , one of the residents who participated march , said she demanded the government to repair the road .

"We have several times asked the government for road conditions here immediately repaired . But , we never heard a complaint . Today, we did a road blockade in protest against the government , " he said .
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The demonstrators threatened , if there is no response from the government , they will hold a similar action with a mass greater .

Not only did the road blockade , the protesters also crucify cars and public transportation planting banana trees and sowing seeds of catfish in the middle of the road puddle .

The demonstration that lasted for several hours is also time to make jams long enough and a spectacle citizens who crossed the region .


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