Friday, May 23, 2014

Bodies Found Floating in Pool Fishing

A resident in the city of Palu , on Saturday , was found drowned in a fishing pond belonging to residents in the Village of South Tatura .

Chairman of RW 01 Sub South Tatura , Welem Tambing , said victims named Son ( 42 ) , resident of RT 03 RW Mouse Deer Road 01 , South Tatura found to be floating in the pool . Residents then reported the discovery of the corpse police station .

'' The police who came to the scene found no suspicious signs that the cause of death of the victim so that the victim's body immediately handed over to the family , '' said Welem .
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Welly , one of the victim's family in case the scene (TKP ) , said the victim on Friday ( 23/4 ) out of the house around 11:00 pm with no known purpose .

Due to evening the victim had not come , said Welly , the family decided to look even check into a hospital .

" Who knew there was nothing the victim and was taken to the hospital , " he said .

However , the family was shocked on Saturday morning when I heard the news that there is a dead body floating in a pond so that they come to see the corpse.


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