Monday, May 26, 2014

Even Swaying Together Prabowo supporters of Maluku

Presidential candidate Prabowo fun rocking along with his supporters joined in the Maluku Muslim Youth Front ( FPMM ) in Polonia House , East Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) afternoon .

Prabowo is also accompanied by party officials supporting him , are absorbed in the rhythm of traditional Moluccan song titled " Wait for Beta Maluku " sounding cheerful . One of the common people of Maluku artist and comedian Jaja Miharja become singers.

At first glance , it looks quite flexible Prabowo wobble and no less than citizens of Maluku or any other Gerindra officials .
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Previously , the event was opened with a declaration of support from FPMM to Prabowo . Chairman FPMM Key Umar , said he supports with his partner Hatta Rajasa Prabowo believing they can bring Indonesia to be better . " They're the vice - presidential candidate who has a proven commitment , vision and mission and commitment . Religious military and civilian nationalist ideal , " said Umar .

After the declaration , Prabowo was asked to give an opening speech . Prabowo old enough to talk , especially about Maluku and East Indonesia . Then Prabowo was also closed his speech by asking the representatives of the people of Maluku to sing .

" People are usually smart singing eastern Indonesia . If baseball can sing , do not admit people of eastern Indonesia , " Prabowo said .

" Do not get lost in the Eastern Indonesian Betawi people ( Jaja Miharja ) , " joked .


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