Sunday, March 9, 2014

Benefits of Ornamental Plants For Physical And Spiritual Health

In addition to hobbyists and ornaments , there were a few tables of Ornamental Plants Benefits For Physical And Spiritual Health , as I will discuss on this occasion , indirectly owns plants in the house has a lot of incentives tablets , not just a mere hobby , or decorate a page or decorate the room alone , and do not consciously aware , many plants have been fossilized in human life , why , , , ? ? Just read his article to the wrong yah gan , , , and definitely going to see his answers .
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Ornamental Plants for Health Benefits

rose water hyacinth

1 . Can reduce dust

If we put the plants in the room , it is very useful for health , why , because of the unusual plants help absorb dust that surround it , so that it can minimize disease -related or caused by dust .

2 . Can eliminate sleepiness

Most of the carbon dioxide in a room it can cause headaches , drowsiness and tired , but if there is a plant indoors terssebut hiasa , and the plants will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis , and its results will be more oxygen , and can The make sure the room will be refreshed again .

3 . Can relieve stress

By looking at the bright colors , the eye will re -pressed or fresh , especially if we have plants that are flowering , it will certainly make us happy and excited .

4 . Can relieve nasal congestion

There are several types of plants that are able to help reduce or remove phlegm and help launch the respiratory tract such as eucalyptus , the scent of the plant is sucking believe to be launched in the respiratory tract such as nasal congestion .

5 . Pat the skin can

A plant serves as a filter , ie as the air filter is all around us , and its benefits if the air or our environment clean or healthy , meaning all growth of our organs to be healthy too , as on our skin .
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That's Benefits Ornamental Plants For Physical And Spiritual Health , may be useful and add to our knowledge in matters relating to health .


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